Party Candles and Matches

Cake decorating can be fun and stressful. You need to come up with a theme, you have to call a baker or bake the cake, and you might need candles. You get everything perfect and then you realize you forgot to get something to light the candles. Now you are scrambling around asking everyone for a lighter or matches.

Why not make a package that includes candles and matches?

This is was my thought process behind this package- I wanted the package to be eye-catching but as the customer gets closer they see its shape serves a purpose. Its cylindrical shape creates a sturdy base that also protects the candles. The cylinder also expands the real estate so I could create a matchbox that resembles a cake slice that fits in the side. On one side of the slice you can see the cake-filling pattern that is reflected on the cake candle holder, on the other side of the slice is the match strike. The clear plastic lid makes it easy to store if you don’t use all the candles and matches.